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Reasons And Treatments Of Plaque Psoriasis

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Reasons And Treatments Of Plaque Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that is caused by the malfunctioning of immune system of our body. There are some 5 kind of psoriasis of which plaque psoriasis is the most common one. The disease is characterized by red patches often covered by silver scales that emerge on the skin.
Causes of Plaque Psoriasis:
Psoriasis as stated earlier is a result of dysfunction of immune system. The role of immune system is to provide protection against maladies and infections. However, in plaque psoriasis, certain immune cells get extra activated and secrete excess of proteins called tumor necrosis factor. This protein is produced in response to infections and causes skin cells to grow rather quickly. As a result excessive skin cells are produced and extra cells accumulate and appear on the skin as red patches with silvery scales and the condition are known as plaque psoriasis. These patches may by itchy, painful and can bleed as well.
Common symptoms of Plaque Psoriasis:
The common symptoms of plaque psoriasis as described earlier are red and raised patches with silver scales on body. Patches can develop on any part of the body but they mostly appear on knee caps, lower back, scalp and elbows. Plaque psoriasis may sometimes completely disappear and then come back to make skin even worse. Other factors that can escalate the psoriasis are.
·         Injuries
·         Emotional stress
·         Reaction to drugs
·         Certain kinds of infections
Treatments of Plaque Psoriasis:
Psoriasis cannot be completely eradicated but there are some medicines that can suppress the symptoms and help to have a clearer skin. Skin can be kept clean by use of ointments and creams and application of various fluids on the skin can also be helpful. Furthermore, many medicated shampoos and soaps are available to treat skin and scalp respectively. As psoriasis is the disease of immune system, HGH Human Growth Hormones can also be used to cure the problems in immune cells. In fact deficiency of growth hormones is another cause of psoriasis as growth hormones enhance the performance of immune system. To overcome the deficiency, hormone replacement therapies can be helpful.
So psoriasis is a long term and incurable disease and if someone falls prey to the disease he will have to survive with the disease. However effects of psoriasis can be controlled by using various medicines and treatments.
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