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The Sleep Position You Adopt Tells Something About You

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Dr Ogundeji Seun
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Does your sleeping position say something about you? Did you actually know that your personality is being revealed by the sleeping position you adopt? You may not believe it but it is actually true. Your preferred sleep position may reveal clues about your personality, according to an analysis by Professor Chris Idzikowski of the UK’s Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service. The sleep position I’m talking about here includes Fetus, Log, Yearner, Soldier, Freefall and Starfish. These sleep positions are briefly explained and what each of the position says about individual personality are also stated.

Below Are The Sleep Position And What They Say About You

1. The Fetus: Sleeping in the fetal position means you are tough on the outside but have a sensitive heart. You may also be shy at first when meeting new people.

2. Log: People who sleep on their side with legs straight and arms straight at their sides are easy-going and social.

3. The Yearner: Side sleepers who stretch their arms out in front make slow decisions but stick with them once their mind is made up. They also tend to be open in nature with an air of cynicism.

4. Soldier: The solider position is flat on your back with arms down at your sides. Soldier sleepers are typically reserved and quiet but hold themselves to high standards.

5. Freefall: Freefall is sleeping on your stomach with your head turned to one side and arms cradling your pillow. Freefallers may be nervy and brash but dislike criticism.

6. Starfish: Sleeping on your back with both arms up over your head (bent at elbows) is the starfish position. Starfish sleepers are helpful and make good listeners, but they prefer not being the center of attention.

Are you surprised? It is surprising to me too. Interestingly, the analysis found that virtually everyone chooses one sleeping position to stick to, with only five percent sleeping in an altered position each night. Overall, the most popular position was the fetus, with 41 percent of survey participants (including twice as many women as men) sleeping in this position. Source: Dr. Mercola Article

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