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Spice Up Your Christmas Ham With Creative Recipes

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During the holidays, ham often is the main course for the big dinner. But leftovers can turn a little boring a tedious if you only serve ham sandwiches after the main event.

Revitalize your holiday spread with creative recipes using some of the treats found in gourmet food gifts from Hickory Farms. You can easily mix and match specialty foods into tasty and unique meals that you and your family will enjoy.

Pair holiday ham with other favorite foods found in gourmet gift baskets to make meals that will make your mouth water:

* Make a gourmet ham and cheese sandwich for a great bagged lunch by using the new Farmhouse Cheddar with thick slices of HoneyGold Christmas ham.

* Experience Sweet Hot Mustard and the spicy and sweet flavors it adds to any sandwich, pasta or potato salad, or dipping sauce.

Spice Up Your Christmas Ham

* Add some diced HoneyGold Christmas ham to your favorite stuffing for a hearty side.-

* Cut ham into cubes and add to a cheese and potato casserole for a filling option.

* Simmer chunks of ham with vegetables and spices for a hearty ham stew.

* Cook a meat-lovers quiche for Christmas morning breakfast with eggs, spinach, and cheese.

* Add a twist to traditional cheese dips with bits of ham for a chunky texture.

* Use ham in your favorite seven-layer dip recipe to create a flavourful treat for any party.

Take these simple ideas and combine them with your own recipes to make delicious ham dishes that will disappear. Get creative and start mixing and matching the holiday treats found in gourmet gift baskets to create unique and tasty dishes that everyone will enjoy. 

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