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Top 3 Natural Antibiotics That Never Give Room For Bacterial Infection

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Top 3 Natural Antibiotics That Never Give Room For Bacterial Infection

Fighting bacterial infection and other types of infection can sometimes put a hole in your pocket provided you desire to get the best antibiotic drugs that can effectively fight against bacterial and other infections apart from viral infection because antibiotics don’t fight viral infection. Most antibiotic drugs these days can’t even fight some infections well enough because most of these bacteria have developed a strain of resistant against most antibiotic drugs. But no matter how strong a bacterial or any kind of infection can be, it cannot withstand these three natural antibiotics I’m listing out here in this article. Fact! Adding natural antibiotics to your daily diet will strengthen your ability to fight infection and disease and funny enough, these are just natural food that will keep you healthy.

Top 3 Natural Antibiotics

1. Garlic:
Garlic has been known for age long for its antibiotics properties, it has the ability to ward off flu and cold. Garlic in a recent study has been shown to be more effective in treating food poisoning than the standard drugs available in the market. Garlic contains a chemical called allicin, this chemical gives garlic its strong taste and smell and is thought to also give it its therapeutic power. Lots of studies have also shown that it can lower cholesterol level as well as reduce blood pressure. Ensure that you include garlic in your diet to help you fight against bacterial infection and they can be contacted everywhere.
Natural Antibiotics
Natural Antibiotics

2. Onion:

Onions are a natural antibiotic just like garlic in fighting the cold, bacterial infections. Onions contain sulfur that is responsible for the strong smell and unique taste and this gives them antibiotics and diuretic properties. If you have been opportune to take syrup made from Onion, you can testify its ability to fight a nasty cough. Onions also contain anti-inflammatory and also help improve blood flow in the system. I don’t joke with Onion, in my daily diet, I always have them in abundance around me. You ask yourself the question, why do they eat suya (Suya is a roasted meat) with Onions? It is because of its antibiotics properties because some of the roasted meats are not done enough and you can easily be infected with bacteria eating such meat.

3. Honey:
Honey has long been recognized for its antimicrobial properties. Conventional remedies containing honey were used in the topical healing of wounds by diverse ancient civilizations. Manuka honey that is found in New Zealand and part of Australia has been said to be highly effective in treating bacterial infection. Presently, honey is included in modern licensed wound-care products around the world. It has been reported in some researched article that Manuka inhibit more than 80 species of bacteria and yet the antimicrobial properties of honey have not yet been fully exploited by modern medicine as its mechanisms of action are not fully understood.
These top three natural antibiotics mentioned above are yet to be beaten by any other natural antibiotic and even unnatural ones. Do include them in your diet daily and you will see that they work wonderfully in dealing with bacterial infection.
Do you still know of other natural antibiotics that work wonder like the three mention above? If you know them kindly use the comment form below to tell us what they are. And don’t forget to share this article with any of the social network icons below.
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