Warning! Loud Music Will Damage Your Brain

Music is good for body and soul just as food too is good for our body, but no matter how good a thing is, too much of it is always dangerous to our health. The same thing apply to music, too much of it causes damages to our brain. Loud music in particular is detrimental to healthierlifestyle. Researcher in the latest publication have sound a very serious warning concerning loud music most especially listening to loud music played on headphone.

I know a lot of youth out there have been accustomed to the use of headphone which is not bad if you use it appropriately, like using only one of the earpieces when you’re walking outside the street and trying to be considerate in other not to disturb others within your vicinity. Listening to loud music played on earphones has been found to cause similar damage to nerve fibres as degenerative disease Multiple Sclerosis. If you don’t know what multiple sclerosis is, please read it here in a better understanding of multiple sclerosis.

According to the new research; according to new research, it’s also destroying your brain. The amount of damage loud noise does to the nerve fibres that carry signals from ear to brain is reportedly comparable to Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Any noise that is above 110 decibels strip the myelin coating that protect the nerve, this is very similar to the person suffering from multiple sclerosis, a disease condition in which the immune system attack the brain. The damage caused by the loud noise can be reversible after three month but may not be for everybody. You can image being deaf for three months, what will you feel like?

In the cause of interaction with people who have experience this form of deafness, they made a statement that I found worthy of letting you know and so, I’m just putting out three of their responses for you to really understand the extent this menace has gone in the society

First Response:this is also why I actually think I’m like 10-15% deaf.. this is going to be noted to play my music not as loud through my head phones now… I knew of this as my father and mother had always taught me growing up.. but as a kid you don’t really care what parents say  but wishing now I had listen.. you grow older and well you learn.

Second Response:Showed this to my 17 year old son, he said he doesn’t care, I told him he will lose most of his hearing by the time he is 30, he said he will be old by then and not listen to music so much. I know he is my son, but what a stupid txxt he is.

Third Response:I went suddenly completely deaf in one year 6 months ago. They don`t know the reason. Apparently in 85% of cases they never do find out the cause and put it down to a virus or something, but I never realised how much I took my hearing for granted until it was gone. I am still struggling to adjust. They think now it is permanent. Please everyone, take note of this. It is really much harder than you would imagine to live with damaged hearing.

Now that you’ve read that, if you want to continue using your earphone, please DO NOT LOUD IT, this will help prevent your brain and your ear.

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