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How To Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer With Exercise

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Exercise lowers breast cancer risk and is also helpful for those suffering from breast cancer recurrence. It can benefit a person in several ways and is one of the most basic natural remedies to control primary as well as secondary malignant polyps in the breast region. Breast cancer is the highest occurring malignancy in females and roughly 1 out of every 8 women is prone to the disease.

It also occurs in men but the chances are extremely rare. According to the statistics provided by the American Cancer Society (United States of America), around 226,870 females and 2,190 males may be detected for the disorder in the USA alone in 2012. In the same year, about 39,510 women and 410 men may die of the disorder. Thus, the prevention of breast cancer is always beneficial.

How Exercise Lowers Breast Cancer Risk?

Breast cancer is detected more in people who follow a hectic but inactive schedule. Excess mental and physical stress can lead to early exhaustion of body resources and increase chances of cell abnormality in breasts or other organs of the body. Apart from tumor-growth in breasts, cancer cells may also generate in other organs of the body and then infect tissues present in the breast further leading to breast cancer. Thus, preventing all forms of cancers by giving necessary attention to overall health is very important to lower breast cancer risk.


Exercise is a very basic and mandatory cure to deal with almost all forms of cell abnormalities. One can experience a smooth flow of blood and oxygen only if his lifestyle is active and free from habits like smoking, tobacco eating, and alcohol consumption. The good dietary pattern plays a supplementary role in enhancing the benefits of exercise.

Exercise helps in burning fats and lowers the chances of obesity. Regular exercise enables a person to maintain a certain diet pattern to ensure proper and sufficient intake of various proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients. Exercise also leads to proper coordination between various organs of the body and ensures their timely functioning. This, in turn, helps body tissues to function with optimum capacity and makes a person more resistant to different malignant or other infections.

What Kind of Exercise Lowers Breast Cancer Risk?

Moderate exercise is most beneficial in comparison to too heavy workouts. This again depends upon the personal stamina of a person to exercise. Proper medical advice must be taken to ensure adopting the right pattern of exercise depending upon medical history, physical status, and mental ability.

Most people opt for basic activities like cycling, walking, jogging, gardening, playing with pets, or going for indoor or outdoor games of their choice. Other activities include warm-up exercises of hands, legs, stomach, shoulders, neck, etc and dancing. The main intention behind the exercise is to ensure regular body movements in a proper way. Breathing exercise can also be very helpful to maintain the proper circulation of oxygen and blood.


The type of exercise to be done also depends upon the sex and age of a person. There can be a few special exercises recommended in special conditions like pregnancy, paralysis, or heart disorders. People suffering from diabetes, breathing disorders, or blood pressure may be prescribed a bit different exercises as compared to normal people.


Exercise lowers breast cancer risk and must be given due importance in your daily routine. Half to one hour of exercise can be sufficient to keep you active and healthy. Consult a good physician to discuss your health status and adopt an exercise pattern as per his advice.  

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