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How Eggs Influence Your Health

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How Eggs Influence Your Health

Have you ever heard that eggs are very essential for healthy body? Of course you have because it is true. Eating eggs every day is great way to keep your body active with daily dose of healthy boost. Eating a whole egg is very essential. The yolk alone contains over 90% of iron and calcium in an egg. The white contains more than half of its protein. Here are few reasons for you why you should eat eggs on a daily basis:

1) Rich on Vitamins

One small egg is compact with high level of vitamins that are essential for your body. Riboflavin is a vitamin B that helps in breaking down the food for energy for the whole body. Cobalamin, a vitamin B12, is essential for red blood cell production in the body. An egg is also rich in Vitamin A, retinol that is highly effective for healthy eyesight. Egg also decreases the risk of cancer with vitamin E, by eliminating free radicals from the body, which can cause cell damages. An egg is also high on Vitamin B2 and vitamin A that are very important for body growth. So many vitamins in just one small tasty egg are a great deal that you should not miss.

2) Egg prevents you from breast cancer

In 2003, Harvard University found out through a research that eating eggs in adolescent age can be very effective in preventing breast cancer while growing up. Another research in 2005, reported that women who were eating six to eight eggs in a week had forty four percent less chances of getting diagnosed with breast cancer relatively to those women who ate less than four eggs per week. April 2008 was the year when University of NC (North Carolina) reported that after doing lot of researches it has been found out that the amount of choline present in the yolk helps in reducing the possibilities of breast cancer by twenty four percent. The yolk has 125.5 mg of choline. That is about a quarter of what is actually recommended by the nutritionist for the whole day. That means eating about four eggs (poached) every single day can provide enough choline for your body.

3) Essential in losing weight

Most of the people are unaware of the fact that eggs can really help in losing weight. This is very contradictory to what people usually say about eggs like they are fattening however in a recent study done by the Rochester Center (for Obesity research) it was reported that taking eggs in your diet actually helps in balancing the calories intakes the whole day. It has been proved that eating eggs could actually help you to lose three to five pounds in a month. Eggs fill the stomach up really fast and for a longer time, which eventually stops us from over feeding. It does contain cholesterol but that is dietary and that is very different from blood cholesterol. It has never been reported that eating eggs increases the blood cholesterol in the body.

4) Rich in minerals

As mentioned above Eggs are rich in minerals like zinc, phosphorus and iron. These minerals are essential for a healthy body. A female body requires lot of iron relatively to men because of menstruation. If a female body does not get enough amounts of iron intakes then it can cause tiredness, nauseas and irritating behaviors as well. Zinc is highly recommended to keep the body’s immune system strong and healthy. For healthy teeth and bones phosphorus is the best mineral to have.

Here are some of the most effective benefits of eggs. So make sure you eat minimum three to four eggs every day to keep yourself healthy and strong.

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