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Eating Healthy at Work

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Eating Healthy at Work

The best laid healthy eating plans can be sabotaged when you get to work. Being chained to your desk can make it easy to visit the vending machine or local convenience store when you get hungry and waylay any progress you’ve made outside of work.

Today’s busy lifestyle makes it hard to stick to any kind of diet, especially a diet that requires food to be prepared to specifications (such as no salt or oil). When it comes to eating healthy at work, your options are even more limited. Be prepared for work and stay healthy with these great snacks that are healthy, filling and easy to take with you wherever you go.

Seven Healthy Snacks for Work

Apples with peanut or almond butter  

A tasty treat that will help you top up on Vitamin C and protein, a combination recommended by nutritionists to help cut down on the love handles. And the Vitamin C will give your immune system a boost.

Dry roasted edamame with cranberries  

A nice break from your traditional trail mix, the edamame will give you a protein boost and the cranberries give you Vitamin C and fiber. Easy to make, you can add other dried fruits to spice it up, and it keeps in your desk for weeks.

Granola bars  

A quick and easy snack that transports easily, granola bars are the original energy bar. There’s a wide variety available and they’re all full of fibre, whole grains and fruits as long as you stay away from the granola bars coated in chocolate and other sugary additives.

Raw veggies with hummus

The original fast food, raw veggies are perfect for snacking and full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber – which help you get healthy and feel full. Pair with hummus for a protein boost to get you through your afternoon meetings. You can stick with the traditional carrot or celery sticks or spice things up with cauliflower, radishes or snow peas.

Dried fruits  

Full of fiber, vitamins and minerals, dried fruits will give your blood sugar a boost during any energy lulls. Mix it up with apples, apricots, figs, cranberries and bananas.


Nuts are high in fiber and Vitamins B and E, a handful of delicious nuts such as roasted walnuts, sunflower seeds or almonds are a great way to give you an energy boost and stop rumbling stomachs. Make sure you choose the non-salted variety to keep your sodium levels down.


Yogurt is full of calcium, protein and good bacteria, and low in fat. Feeling stressed at work? Studies have shown that yogurt decreased the risk of high blood pressure. Eat it plain or add fresh fruits and berries a taste boost and variety.

Sarah is an experienced health and wellness blogger with a passion for natural health, nutrition and oral hygiene. She’s currently working with a Richmond Dentist to educate the public on oral health issues and natural remedies.

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