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The Easy 7 Ways to Calm Stomach Upset

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Dr Ogundeji Seun
Dr Ogundeji Seunhttps://drogundeji.com/
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You seem not to understand why you have a stomach upset, what can just remember is that you ate some sort of food and the thing just began, you begin to wonder that you’ve been eating such food before, why on earth will such thing happen to you. To some people it can be regarded as indigestion if you find no known medical cause for such problem; it is referred as dyspepsia or bad digestion.     

The truth is that eating often triggers symptoms of dyspepsia, some of them start as you are taking your meal and some a few minutes later or even one or two hours later, the discomfort is not letting you enjoy yourself, you may even visit toilet more than how you’ve been visiting the restroom before. All these symptoms are associated with stomach upset, but one important thing you must know here is that you’re not the only one suffering from stomach upset, nearly 25% of the whole world population is affected, both male and female alike are being hit every day. Stomach upset is responsible for a significant percentage of visits to primary health care units.



The cheering news here is that there are 7 known ways to prevent a stomach upset, and that is the reason why this article was written. Below are the seven ways to calm down your upsetting stomach.

  • Avoid activities that result in swallowing excess air, such as smoking, eating quickly, chewing gum, and drinking carbonated beverages.
  • Avoid foods that trigger your symptoms.
  • Don’t lie down within two hours of eating.
  • Eat small portions and don’t overeat; try eating smaller, more frequent meals and be sure to chew food slowly and completely.
  • Get enough rest.
  • Keep your weight under control.
  • Reduce your stress. Try relaxation therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, or exercise. Anaerobic workout 3-5 times per week can help, but don’t exercise right after eating.

They are just simple tips you can follow and in no time you will not remember the last time you had a stomach upset. I hope these tips work for you just as it works wonder for me.


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