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Diet Plan For a Person Experiencing Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

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Diet Plan For a Person Experiencing Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Many people fear detoxing because of the withdrawal symptoms they may face. But, detox is an essential part of the sobriety process. When you go through any type of drug detoxification, it’s important to feed your body with a healthy diet to keep it functioning properly.
Different types of drugs cause different types of withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. Some of the most common drug withdrawal symptoms include: trembling, shaking, insomnia and anxiety. When your brain is used to being given certain amounts of a specific drug, it can have major effects on your mind. These effects cause reactions within your body. That’s why you must take care of yourself both mentally and physically during detox-time with a healthy diet. You need to replenish your system with the vitamins and nutrients you’ve been missing out on for quite a while now. Here are a few tips for creating a diet plan while you’re experiencing drug withdrawal symptoms.
  • No Junk Foods – The first thing you need to do is get rid of all junk foods that you’ve gotten used to eating. They don’t add any value to your body whatsoever. Sugary junk foods give your body a quick energy boost that disappears as swiftly as it comes. Salty junk foods create other health problems, such as high blood pressure. Either way, you’re creating physical problems that you’ll need to address after detox. Why start your new, sober lifestyle with newly acquired health concerns?


  • Fruits and Vegetables – Fruits and vegetables can help to repair the damage your body has incurred from your short-term or long-term drug use. They have also been found to help reduce cravings for drugs during detox. If you have a serious craving for something sweet, as many people detoxing do, you’re free to eat as much fruit as you like. And, to add a little twist, make yourself a nice, thick fruit smoothie.



  • Drink Plenty Liquids – You need to make sure to drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Drinking lots of water while going through drug detox helps to eliminate all the toxins in your body. So, the more water you drink, the faster the toxins left behind by the drugs will be removed from your body. You need to rejuvenate yourself by replacing the drug with healthier choices. You can start by drinking lots of water.



  • Start Taking Vitamins – Vitamin deficiencies have been credited with increased depression, memory loss, skin irritations and lethargy caused by drug detoxification. Vitamins and minerals will help with repairing cell tissue of organs affected by the drug use. Vitamin B helps with turning sugar within your body into natural energy. Vitamin C helps your body detox faster, while lessening your cravings for your drug of choice. Find yourself a good multi-vitamin to ensure that you get everything you need all-in-one.


Detox Tips

After the first stage of detoxification, you need to stay strong and committed to eliminating the substance abuse from your life. Avoiding the people and places where you “practiced” being an addict is always a good idea during the beginning of your sobriety. Instead, spend your free time concentrating on your new healthy diet and making sure that your body is not later affected by your drug use.
Before going through any type of drug detoxification, it’s a good idea to pamper your body in ways you haven’t in a while. This is a gradual process and is not always immediate, as detox can last up to a week or more. Get the help of your physician, therapist, group members, sponsor or even family. You will need some type of support system when breaking your addiction. If possible, talk with your physician about doing tests to make sure that the drugs have not affected your body in a bad way.
Planning out your daily meals is a good way to keep yourself busy and away from thinking about getting that next fix. Eating healthy meals supplies your body with the nutrients and calories it needs to be healthy and for the body to repair itself.
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