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My Doctor Has Offered Cord Blood As An Option For My Sick Child – What Do I Need to Know?

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Dr Ogundeji Seun
Dr Ogundeji Seun
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If your child is sick, your doctor may offer cord blood as an option. Umbilical cord blood is rich with stem cells that can be used to treat sickle cell anemia, cancer, leukemia, and around seventy five other diseases that are prevalent in the world today. It’s a good thing to make sure you know the risk factors of using cord blood before you agree to it and your doctor can apprise you of these factors at your request.  Also, you may want to check with your local clergy and make sure that there are no restrictions on the use of blood intravenously that could violate your religious beliefs.

What Are the Chances of Catching Something From Another Baby’s Cord Blood?

The chances are very slim that your baby will catch anything from a cord blood transfusion or the use of stem cells from donated cord blood, but the chances are still there. The obstetrician usually does what is called a maternal blood draw to determine if the mother is infected with anything that could compromise the cord blood. If anything is found, the cord blood will be discarded and refused as a potential donor sample. That’s not to say that the tests are always a hundred percent accurate. However slight, the possibility of your child contracting an infectious disease always looms in the background and should be discussed with your doctor. If you have any doubts ask for a second screening of the blood because the chances of a mix up at the blood bank is another concern.

Newborn baby holding father’s finger

Stem Cells From Cord Blood Working Miracles

Miracles abound in the world of stem cell research these days and due to concerns about retrieving stem cells from aborted fetuses, researchers have found a new source to collect those maternal miracle makers, from your baby’s cord blood. Now you have the option of keeping your baby’s cord blood or donating it to a person in need. The benefits of cord blood are vast and researchers are finding out new things about stem cells all the time. The benefits seem endless. A lot of the benefits are too complicated to discuss for this article. Apparently the stem cells can mimic parts of the body which is good news for those who have damaged tissue. By mimicking the tissue, it is effectively “growing back”.

Stem Cell Research is Useful for Cultivating Body Parts

They’ve been able to grow ears using stem cells and many other amazing things, things only dreamt of years ago.  They’ve even been able to grow liver cells, which is basically like getting a brand new liver for someone who had been suffering from liver disease. They are creating real bone from stem cells now, just think of the implications for something like this for children with bone complications. Skin Grafts for people who fell victims of fire or chemical burns, being able to grow new skin on the affected area. The list just goes on and on. Stem cells are truly the medicine of the future.

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