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Does My Child Actually Need Dental Braces

Does My Child Actually Need Dental Braces The awareness and need for braces in Nigeria amongst school children is on the rise. Parents now realize that it’s better to start early to correct problems with their children’s teeth than wait until it becomes more complex. So there comes a point...

I would tell you the “HOLE” truth and nothing but the truth

Imagine bacteria feeding on your teeth and releasing acids that bore holes in your teeth; Yikes! Wouldn’t you take it seriously? Cavities have been known to be very favorably disposed to an unhygienic mouth due to neglect, poor choice of diet and genetic makeup of the individual.  The pain...

Oh gosh, dry socket

Temi presented in our clinic complaining of pain, a “throbbing pain” four days after undergoing tooth extraction from a nearby dental clinic. He was finally told he had dry socket by the dentist at platinum dental surgery What is dry socket? Dry socket is a painful complication that sometimes happens after...
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