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Three Beneficial Foods to Eat if You Have Diabetes

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Three Beneficial Foods to Eat if You Have Diabetes

Being a diabetic or cooking for a diabetic can be tricky. There are so many foods and a good number of them are packed with sugars of various types. Just because a label does not specifically say “sugar” on it does not mean that it does not contain a form of sugar.

Finding the right diet for a person with diabetes means finding a few foods that can be used as staple goods. Building a diet from a strong foundation is the key to making all the rest of the choices easy. A person needs a good main dish to start with and then a couple of snacks that can be used.

It is when a person starts peeking around the house looking to fill in the hunger that problems arise. Knowing a couple of snacks that can be on hand all of the time is a great way to ensure that there are not any mishaps along the way nonsensical.

The Basics

The best place to start is with a convenient main dish that can be used throughout the week. While we promised three foods for the diabetic, there will actually be four listed. Chicken and fish are being used together as the first food.

Chicken and fish are great for anyone to eat, but they are even better for the diabetic. There is virtually no sugar at all in either of these items. They can be alternated and will comprise the majority of the meals for the diabetic.

Choosing fish and chicken makes for a full menu because of the variety of ways to prepare them. Most of the variations will involve a small amount of sugar, but generally, it is very low. One should watch for breading and things of that nature. Most people do not realize that bread itself is high in types of sugar. The brown of the crust has actually caramelized the sugar in the surface.

Snack Time

Snacks are dangerous for the diabetic. Many snacks are packed with sugar and some are nothing but various forms of sugar combined. What may seem an odd choice as a good diabetic snack is a yogurt? Yogurt, in itself, is low in sugar and as long as the flavors that are chosen are not too exotic, then the yogurt will remain low in sugar.

Another great thing about yogurt is portion control. Yogurt does have larger packages, but the standard cup of store-bought yogurt is a perfect portion for anyone. There are some brands that have a larger portion and that is fine.

Bacteria is a word that scares some people. There are good and bad bacteria. In fact, if the human body was instantly rid of all bacteria, it would fall apart within hours. That is not literally, but figuratively. The entire digestive system is filled with good bacteria that help to digest food. Yogurt is filled with good bacteria.


It is not just peanuts, but most nuts are a good snack for a diabetic. They do have some sugar, but they are also filling and healthy in many respects. The best trick to nuts as a snack is to get them un-shelled. The mind has a great amount of control over the body and there is a psychological aspect to snacking.

Shelling the nuts as a person eats means that snacking takes longer and less is consumed. There are habits, like eating while watching movies that are perfect for nuts. The physical act of shelling the nuts helps curb hunger a bit and the whole process comes together as a perfect snack.

The key is to know ahead of time what there is to eat that is healthy and good for a diabetic. Also, stocking the house with all low sugar foods can help a person to feel less like a “sick” person that has to be always aware of what foods they eat.

It is not that hard to live free and easy for the diabetic. It is just a slight alteration of choices, rather than new and unwanted choices. Everyone can enjoy life and live it to the fullest, the diabetic is no different.

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