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Amnesia: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

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Dr Ogundeji Seun
Dr Ogundeji Seun
Dr. Ogundeji is an enthusiastic and passionate dentist with an interest in managing challenging oral health issues. He is a health blogger ( and creative writer to health blogs around the world, an entrepreneur and business development strategist. He lives in Lagos Nigeria and married with children. he currently works with Platinum Dental Surgery

When a person loses their memory, it can be a difficult time for everyone around them. It does not matter if it is a short term or a long term memory loss, these problems can interrupt the normal daily activities of anyone affected by that person. Particularly, because the person will need the appropriate type of treatment to deal with their problems. However, before any type of treatment is recommended, the physician will need to diagnose the symptoms, causes and the associated treatments for each case. That being said, here are some of the more common causes of this kind of medical problem.

Injury to the Head

As stated above, one of the first things that any physician will need to do to address these issues is to identify the cause of memory loss. Since some people have problems remembering and recalling various occasions in their life, the physician and their family may need to trace the patient’s steps during the latest days or even months. For instance, the person may have a sustained an injury to the head that they did not get treated at that time. These injuries can occur during sports, play and other activities too. Normally, it may be traced back to a hard blow to the head, the loss can be due to confusion.

Memory Loss and Old Age

While some of these problems may be caused by an injury to the head, others may be related to the person’s age. Specifically, when the person is suffering from memory loss due to a disease called Alzheimer’s. When this is the case, the chances of recovery may lessen substantially based on the physician’s diagnosis. For instance, the person may be in the first stages or it could have already progressed greatly over time.

Amnesia: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Traumatic Experiences

Memory loss can also be caused by a traumatic experience that person suffers. Some of the more notable include cases where the person has been raped, situations where they have lost close family members and friends due to tragic events or the like. These kinds of memory losses can also be confined to a specific space in time so the person’s memory loss may also be selected based on the memories that they are trying to block out to reduce the pain.

Amnesia Treatments

Once a patient’s case has been diagnosed, the treatments will vary based on the severity. For example, some people may not receive any progressive treatment when the loss is not severe. Meaning the person’s memory may return gradually on its own. Therefore, the physician will not prescribe hard medications to control and manage it so that it will increase the quality of their lifestyle.

When a person loses their memory, the cause of the loss can vary based on individual circumstances. Because the loss may be traced back to a physical head injury, a traumatic experience that the person wants to forget, or due to old age, the treatments for these cures will vary from one situation to another

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