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3 Dangerous Ways To Lose Weight

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3 Dangerous Ways To Lose Weight

We have all from time to time put on a little weight, with many of us wondering how to lose this excess weight as quickly as possible.

Yet, while diet and exercise are the safest option it is certainly not fast and can be difficult with many sacrifices having to be made.

Just remember the weight wasn’t gained overnight so cannot be lost overnight either.

However desperate you may feel, risking you long term health for a few excess pounds is simply not worth it.

Here are some dangerous ways to lose weight that you should avoid:

#1 – Starvation

If you choose to starve yourself them you risk depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

This lack of nutrients can lead to many health problems and will negatively affect your energy levels.

It is not even an effective way to lose weight as your metabolism will slow after a while as your body desperately tries to hold onto its fat reserves.

When you begin to eat normally your metabolism will still be low so any lost weight will return quickly, probably with a little extra too.

#2 – Anorexia

The next stage after starvation is anorexia, where you will believe yourself to be fat, even when you are not.

As you are not eating you will experience nutrient deficiencies that will lead to a weak immune system and the many health issues associated with it.

If you are not careful then anorexia can lead to death.

Those at a higher risk of this condition are teenagers who fixate on their celebrity idols, believing that every photoshopped picture is how they should look themselves.

#3 – Bulimia

This condition is when you will make yourself physically sick after food to remove it from your body.

Bulimia is a serious health condition that can cause issues with your heart, liver and kidney’s.

It can also cause problems with your throat and teeth, due to the stomach acid from being sick.

Is there a way to lose weight safely?

The first thing you need to do before you start to lose weight is understand that losing the weight is not a race.

If you only lose 1-2lbs a week then this is fine and will in fact be better for long term success.

To lose the weight you should first try to cut out as much junk food as you can, instead replacing it with fresh fruit, vegetables and lean protein sources such as turkey or chicken.

Protein is important for any healthy diet as it is slow to digest so will keep you fuller for longer, it can also help to keep your energy levels high.

Second, you should increase the amount of water you drink. It can help to remove toxins from your body and hence speed up your results, plus sometimes your body will mistake thirst for hunger.

The final tip is to move more, obviously exercise 3-4 times a week is the best option but if this is not possible then there are plenty of exercise you can do in your own home.


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