A Healthy Teeth is a sign of A Healthier Body

The popular saying that health is wealth which is true has a similar analogy to having healthy teeth that mean having a healthier body. The build-up of bacteria beneath the gum as a result of inflammation caused by a disease called Periodontal disease. 

Health Benefits Of Wearing A Girdle

While welcoming a bundle of joy is a blessing, the woman is left with some unfinished business to handle. Her body has to undergo some changes that not even she is able to understand. This does not mean that they are permanent. A girdle is a woman’s best friend especially when she is nursing herself back to size after giving birth.

The Effectiveness of Green Tea on Weight Loss

As a result of an upsurge in green tea effect on dealing with weight loss problem, green tea now is one of the most...

7 Ways to Get The Most From Your Dentist Visit

7 Ways to Get The Most From Your Dentist Visit Each dental visit provides the patient the opportunity to learn more about their oral health, get tips and advice from a professional, confidence building and comfort knowing they’re in good hands with the dental professional they’ve selected for care. Sadly, many...

What is Kidney Failure? Common Causes of Kidney Failure

What is Kidney Failure? Common Causes of Kidney Failure Kidney failure is principally dependent on a drop in glomerular filtration rate, that is the pace...


Wisdom Tooth Pain: 3 Early Detection Signs

The Wisdom teeth have always and would always give problems while struggling to break through or erupt through the gums usually erupting between the...


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