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Oil Pulling: Know The Facts

Oil pulling is rooted in Ayurvedic medicine and has been around for thousands of years. For those new to the idea, oil pulling got...

Why is the Dentist Important?

It’s easy to forget that your mouth is one of the most important parts of your body and it requires constant care. The state...

7 Ways to Get The Most From Your Dentist Visit

7 Ways to Get The Most From Your Dentist Visit Each dental visit provides the patient the opportunity to learn more about their oral health,...

5 Ways Exercise Helps Men Live Longer And Better

There is good news for men who want to live longer and healthier. It only takes a few basic lifestyle changes to lower the chances of getting many age-related diseases and increase your chances of staying active and independent. One of the most powerful of these is getting, and staying, physically active. Getting regular exercise can help you:

A Healthy Teeth is a sign of A Healthier Body

The popular saying that health is wealth which is true has a similar analogy to having healthy teeth that mean having a healthier body. The build-up of bacteria beneath the gum as a result of inflammation caused by a disease called Periodontal disease. 

Halitosis or Bad Breath: Combating The Social Stigma

We as dentist are often faced with the complaint of bad breath in the clinic. If you feel you have got bad breath, you...


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Does My Child Actually Need Dental Braces

Does My Child Actually Need Dental Braces The awareness and need for braces in Nigeria amongst school children is on the rise. Parents now realize...

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